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LALALUXXE raises the online Designer Shopping bar in South Africa. 
It is a South African marketing and sales platform that gives our Designers the opportunity to profile their brands to the correct audiences while making sales. The primary objective of LALALUXXE is to inspire economic growth in the creative designer industry.

We are focused on you, the customer. We have a passion for innovation and sustainability, and we are committed to excellence and forward thinking.

Being on the IT side of building an e-commerce platform for a customer sounds like a quite simple task.  But when you start building it with a vision that extends beyond just the business, and you want to include the whole value chain, then it takes just a little bit more.

The LALALUXXE journey started with when EVE engaged SAFW.  Lucilla Booyzen had a vision of an online platform that exclusively promotes South African Fashion designers.  A lot of the local fashion designers are start-ups, young people living out a dream and existing designers that must fight for survival against imported items.

EVE and the EDGE Evolve group bought into the concept lock stock and barrel.  EVE became the technology partner and SA Fashion week, with Lucilla the Fashion partner.  Together we had access to the best of breed and experience in technology and fashion.

The platform was launched to the South African designer community at the Autumn Winter Fashion Week of 2018.  The designer community bought into the platform and we where able to launch at the following Fashion Week, Spring Summer 2019 with 28 South African designers selling their beautiful creations online with LALALUXXE.COM

The next step was a first in South Africa – we launched SHOP THE RUNWAY at SA Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2020 in October of 2019 (Yes, fashion is 6 months ahead).  We sold the items that was on the runway the previous night by the following morning at 8:00  This was a huge step, the fashionistas of our country that want something special and unique swarmed the site.  LALALUXXE.COM has been running SHOP THE RUNWAY ever since at every fashion week.

LALALUXXE.COM is different to any other e-tail fashion site.  We allow our designers longer lead times to produce their unique items, and we target every day South African people who have a love for beautifully created items.  We enable our designers to do what they are good at – design and we take care of the technology and marketing.

Going from online to POP-UP was another exciting step in the growth of LALALUXXE.COM.  In partnership with SAFW we created a managed stand at he SAFW POP UP shop in the Mall of Africa – where we sold and marketed our designers!  It was a fantastic experience to meet our loyal supporters and to introduce them to the designers they love.

LALALUXXE.COM is a company, supporting our vision of changing the economic landscape of our country.  We look forward to becoming a household name and will continue to support local fashion.

Do you have local fashion in your closet?  If not – visit LALALUXXE.COM.  A world of beautiful fashion, South African fashion.


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