Victoria giuricich journey

a journey of inspiration

Living our mission – this journey showed us that there is nothing that you cannot do… Pravina met Victoria in a hairsalon in JHB,  having a chat with Victoria and her care companion Lauren, Vicky shared her dream of becoming a model and a designer one day.  Pravina was convinced that we could take this young woman a few steps closer to her dream…. Back at the office we started reaching out to our partners at SAFW & South African designers, Isabelle Lotter from the label SIES Isabel offers courses to aspiring designers to take them through the steps of setting up a business.  She agreed to provide a one on one course over a 6 week period for Victoria to take her from picture, to pattern, material selection and ultimately the creation of her vision. EVE was able to provide the sponsorship for this course and to take part in this journey with her. But you cannot design a range and not launch it… Enter our customer and partner SAFW – who offered her the runway, lighting, photograpy (Eunice Driver Photography) and a full show at SAFW! On the day it was make-up, hair, dressing and as her first call to the runway came – Victoria was spectacular!  With the grace and confidence of an international runway model she had the audience in awe. This was only a the start, after her debut Victoria has continued her journey to become SA Top Model, has done a fashion shoot with MISONNI in Milan and have appeared in multiple television and radio interviews. Victoria is a young lady that still inspires and amazes everyone around her every day We are honoured to have been able to be a part of her journey.